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ATME 2010 Travel Marketing Conference
ATME 2010 Travel Marketing Conference


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Conference 2009




Las Vegas Eyewitness News Coverage

ATME 2009 Agenda
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Day 1

Day 2, Part I

Day 2, Part II


List of ROI Tools
from audience survey

More to come...

Powerpoint or PDF Documents

Gary Sain, Orlando CVB, Keynote

"How Do You Control The Conversation...?" Panel

Moderator Peggy Bendel, DCI

Erika Pope, Candid Communications

Jenny Dervin, JetBlue

Susan Wilcox, California Tourism
"Improving The Online Selling Process" Panel

Alex Willcock, Imagini

Josh Steinitz, Nile Guide

"Improving Your Advertising And Promotion ROI" Panel

Moderator Pamela Johnston, PJ Inc.

"Profiting From Design" Panel

Ryan George, Simpleview

ATME Partnership Survey

Speaker Michael Ricco, Ricco Consulting

More to come...

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Las Vegas CVA

Station Casinos and Green Valley Ranch

Fairmont Hotels

Raffles Hotels


The Wall Street Journal


USA Today

Green Valley Ranch Resort - Spa - Casino


MAY 27: Henry Harteveldt, Vice President, Principal Analyst, Forrester Research

MAY 28: Gary Sain, CEO, Orlando CVB


Jon Aizen, Founder and COO, Dapper

Peggy Bendel, Senior Vice President, DCI

Rob Britton, Principal, AirLearn

Donald Chestnut, Sapient

Dan Comenduley, Manager Community Marketing, United Airlines

Jenny Dervin, Director of Communications, jetBlue

Kevin Fliess, CEO, TravelMuse

Ryan George, CEO, simpleview

Sherri Gilligan, SVP Marketing, MGM MIRAGE

Jill Groebl, VP Digital Marketing, MMG Worldwide

Ponder Harrison, Managing Dir - Mktg & Sales, Allegiant Air

Lorraine Hunt-Bono, Commissioner, Nevada Commission on Tourism

Brad King, Managing Director, BlueKai Channels, BlueKai Inc.

Kristen Kopplin, VP Marketing & Communications, Travelscream

Erika Pope, Principal, Candid Communications

Michael Ricco, Managing Partner, Ricco Consulting

Hugh Riley, Acting Secretary General, CTO

Adam Rugel, CEO, Trazzler

Stacy Small, President, Elite Travel International

Josh Steinitz, CEO, Nile Guide

Shirley Tafoya, President, Travelzoo

Cathy Tull, SVP Marketing, LVCVA

Jeff Williams, Creative Director, Frog Design

Alex Willcock, CEO, Imagini

Susan Wilcox, VP Communications, California Travel & Tourism


Susan Black, Managing Partner, Susan Black Associates, Inc.

Jeff DeKorte, VP Business Development, Travel Ad Network

Rob Torres, Managing Director Travel, Google

Pamela Johnston, President, PJ Inc.

Keep checking back here as more speakers are confirmed!

What Makes ATME Different
"ATME is one of the few places where travel marketing executives can informally interact with their peers, the media, and solution providers to exchange ideas and expand contacts. Just a few words from a prominent presenter can spark an idea, but it's one on one where ATME shines. At an annual conference a few years back, when I was in charge of marketing at American Eagle, from a single chance meeting I ended up doing a multi-year deal with Aboard Publishing worth several million dollars."

...Joel Chusid, General Manager, NA, Hainan Airlines

Who Should Attend
Any marketer with responsibility for a marketing budget should attend. Typical titles include CMO, SVP Marketing, Vice President, Director and Manager. Areas of responsibility include: product development, advertising, PR, online, loyalty, CRM, brand management, etc. Senior level ATME members often assume mentoring roles for less experienced marketers. ATME’s networking opportunities make this annual conference an invaluable career-enhancing experience.

ATME 2009 Conference at Green Valley Ranch Resort
May 27-28, 2009 Las Vegas, Nevada

A Focus on Basics, an Eye on Opportunity

Gary Sain at ATME 2009
Gary Sain of Orlando CVB, Keynote Speaker

Henry Harteveldt at ATME 2009
Henry Harteveldt of Forrester Research, Keynote Speaker

See all the photos from the conference @ ATME's flickr

Eyewitness News coverage

ATME 2009 Agenda
[Download PDF]
DAY 1: Wednesday, May 27
General Sessions: 2pm - 6pm
ATME2KEYNOTE • Setting the Stage. What is consumers' mindset regarding the economy, travel and marketing in general? What new trends will help marketers be more successful? Forrester Research's Henry Harteveldt sets the stage for the ATME 2009 conference.
ATME2When is an Airline Not an Airline? Las Vegas-based Allegiant Air is an exception to the rule. Amidst industry losses, it's profitable. Amidst a focus on serving major markets, it serves mid-size and smaller cities. Amidst an industry struggling to understand cross-selling, it successfully generates a profit per passenger. What can you learn from Allegiant? Plenty. With Ponder Harrison, Managing Director - Marketing & Sales, Allegiant Air

What is the Role of Advertising in a Recession? Data from Forrester Research suggests that in economic downturns, companies reduce their marketing budgets by at least 3%. As new channels like social computing proliferate, advertising's role in the "marketing funnel is changing. Is advertising still relevant for travel firms - especially when consumer demand is so weak? What should travel advertisers be thinking about as they evaluate their advertising plans for the balance of 2009, and as they start to plan for 2010?

Cathy Tull
SVP Marketing, LVCVA
Sherri Gilligan
Hugh Riley
Acting Secretary General, Caribbean Tourism Organization
Shirley Tafoya
President NA, Travelzoo
Rob Torres

Managing Director Travel, Google

Taking Social Computing From the Edge to the Center. There are many reasons why travel marketers should invest time, effort and budget in social media... but few do. Hear how marketing leaders are successfully using this new medium to manage:

• Humanizing of a brand
• Customer support and service
• Brand reputation management
• Polling and product feedback mechanism
• Lead generation
• News distribution
• Brand awareness and establishment
• Product promotion and launch

Learn what metrics matter to your brand in social media - and which don't. Find out why many companies including:, United Airlines, IHG, jetBlue have hundreds of thousands of followers on Twitter, and are monetizing their efforts. What are you doing to join these growing, powerful brand advocate networks?

Stacy Small
President, Elite Travel International
Dan Comenduley
Mngr Comm Marketing, United Airlines
Adam Rugel President,
Moderator: Susan Black Managing Partner, Susan Black Associates
Reception & Awards 6:30pm
DAY 2: Thursday, May 28
7:30am - 3:30pm
ATME2BREAKFAST • Creating Opportunities, Opening New Markets: Bringing the Chinese to Nevada and the US.

With Lorraine Hunt-Bono, Commissioner, Nevada Tourism.
ATMEKEYNOTE • How Orlando is Addressing the Current Economic Challenges in Travel for 2009.

With Gary Sain, President & CEO, Orlando CVB

How Do You Control the Conversation When the Conversation is Out of Your Control? In an era where the consumer leads the conversation, and where communications tools proliferate, what is the role of PR? When consumer opinions are posted on social networking sites like Facebook blogs reveal company information, communications professionals need to understand what they can, and can't, do to be effective.

Erika Pope Principal, Candid Communications
Jenny Dervin
Director of Communications, jetBlue
Susan Wilcox
Vice President Communications, California Travel & Tourism
Moderator: Peggy Bendel

Improving the Online Selling Process. In general, the way travel firms sell their products online is about as engaging as watching mud dry. Current trip planning and booking processes offer no emotional engagement, do a poor job merchandising the destinations or products they're selling, and do little to help travelers understand which product is truly best-suited for them. To counter these and other selling shortfalls, travel firms need to rethink the selling process into something that involves and guides travelers - leading to higher conversion rates, higher order values and higher profit margins.

Alex Willcock CEO, Imagini
Josh Steinitz, CEO, Nile Guide
Kevin Fliess CEO, Travelmuse
Moderator: Jeff DeKorte
VP, Travel Ad Network

Improving Your Advertising and Promotion ROI. When margins get tight and marketing budgets shift away from branding where do you go for performance?  What new tools are on the market to get the ROI you need?

Kristen Kopplin
VP, Travelscream
Jon Aizen
Founder and COO, Dapper, Inc
Jill Groebl
VP Digital Marketing, MMG Worldwide
Brad King Managing Director, BlueKai Channels, BlueKai
Moderator: Pamela Johnston President,
PJ Inc
ATME2LUNCH • How to Travel: A Basic, and Overlooked, Marketing Opportunity

With Rob Britton, Principal, AirLearn.

In just about every area of free time, there's a class or a trainer ready to show us how: to cook a perfect soufflé; to play bridge more smoothly; to create a stunning oil painting of Caribbean bougainvillea; to descend the Back Bowls of Vail with confidence. In fact, we often take a class or hire a trainer to protect our lives, our investments, or both – no one would take his or her new 35-foot yacht out of the harbor without learning how to sail. Why should travel be different? In this presentation, Rob Britton will discuss the benefits to travel companies who would adopt the "how to travel" idea as a marketing element. He's been thinking about this idea for all of the 40 years he’s been in the travel business.

Profiting From Design. As travel firms focus on the marketing basics, it's important not to ignore effective design. Leading experts will discuss how their clients have improved their ROI through practical website, product and environmental design improvements.

Jeff Williams
Creative Director,
Frog Design
Ryan George
CEO, Simpleview
Donald Chestnut
Moderator: Henry Harteveldt Vice President, Principal Analyst, Forrester Research
ATME2ATME Partnership Survey
with Michael Ricco, Managing Partner, Ricco Consulting

In cooperation with ATME, research is being accomplished to identify partner marketing metrics of success. The study is focused specifically on the international inbound travel market to the U.S. It is important to industry members in providing a framework to measure partner marketing efforts, and what measures of success are actually being used in the current business environment. This may provide insights into how to better manage marketing efforts when more than one organization is involved. The presentation will briefly provide a structure for travel marketers to consider in developing marketing plans, plus very preliminary research results, as the survey is still going on.

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